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Are we really too dependent on China to take care of our own people?

And... 80% of supplements come from China

80% or more supplement ingredients come from china

And... Shipping is Broken - Wall Street Journal

About the Flu

And if you're wondering about respiratory infections...

LiveO2 Doubles the amount of power your body creates when you are sick. This helps you get well faster no matter what made you sick. This image shows super-oxygenated body naturally produces twice as much energy to super-power the immune system.

Forget about China, it's okay if you can't get drugs. You can use them, but most users feel better as soon as they finish training...

You MUST Exercise for LiveO2 to work

If you don't like exercise - then LiveO2 is not for you. We apologize for wasting your time. LiveO2 is an active training system.

But... You don't have to be an athlete. Our oldest user is over 100. Physically challenged users amplify their results with our Adaptive Contrast. Immobile users can use a sauna.

If you like exercise - LiveO2 will supercharge your fitness results...

LiveO2 Intended Use

LiveO2 is intended to amplify the effects of exercise. It is not intended to have any effect on any medical condition, nor to prevent, treat, cure or mitigate any disease.

LiveO2 is intended to super-oxygenate your whole body so it just works better.

LiveO2 intended use statement

CDC Audio Report

This is the audio of the 2-26-2020 from the Center for Disease Control.

FDA View...

Dr. Cottrell publishes frequent updates on COVID-19. He is the best source of street info about what's really going on. Here are his comments on availability outlook for drugs.
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