LiveO2 Systems vs. Competition: Engineer Mike on Product Design [podcast]

What makes LiveO2 systems different than our competition?

In this podcast episode we’re joined by Engineer Mike who designs, prototypes, and tests LiveO2 systems parts. He’s the king of R&D here at LiveO2!

Mike sheds some light on very important distinctions between LiveO2 and other EWOT systems that may be a bit cheaper, but are not actually quality products designed with your health in mind. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why the switching mechanism on the Adaptive Contrast™ makes a difference
  • How our system parts were designed and why we didn’t go to a local hardware store to buy them
  • The origin of our Adaptive Contrast system design (hint: founder, Mark, was trying to solve his own problem)
  • Why we use clean materials and the results of our air tests for contaminants
  • Why our system is more like “bamboo” instead of “oak” – a look at our reservoir design
  • How we learned to honor how the body works and how this compares to our competitors’ flawed methodologies
  • How we control resistance in our systems (you have to have resistance to improve)
  • What the purpose of the nose (and nose hair!) is
  • Why “work capacity” = health
  • What Engineer Mike’s Rx for health is!

Check out the full episode here:

Questions about other products you’ve seen online?

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