Energetics, Oxygen and Immunity

Immune Energetics

Did you know that body-water oxy­gen is the hid­den key to good immu­ni­ty?

Think of your white blood cells like lit­tle sol­dier fish in a fish­bowl, swim­ming around fight­ing bugs, and breath­ing water.

Now think of oxy­gen train­ing as a bub­bler in that fish­bowl.

Doesn’t it seem like the sol­diers in a well oxy­genat­ed fish­bowl would defend your body bet­ter?

Immune Suppression and Loading Stress

Now think about brownout areas caused by that vas­cu­lar inflam­ma­tion.

Each area is a a clump of cells in low ener­gy, down­stream from a bot­tle­necked blood sup­ply, most­ly hid­den from your immune sys­tem.

So, if you were a dis­ease, where would you hide?

Brownout” areas cre­ate a habi­tat for dis­ease, so less habi­tat is less dis­ease.

Wouldn’t you and your bud­dies go out to play when the immune defens­es got weak?

Immune Rally

Immune rally causes a fever.

Immune ral­ly caus­es a fever.

Some first time oxy­gen train­ing users get a fever of 102 degrees about 48 hours after their first oxy­gen train­ing ses­sion.

This is an immune ral­ly, and the fever tell­tales:

  1. That an increase in body-water oxy­gen ener­gized the immune sys­tem and;
  2. Oxy­gen opened the vas­cu­lar sys­tem enough to dump pathogens hid­ing out in “brownout” habi­tats;
  3. and there were enough of them to trig­ger a whole-body cleanup.

We also notice that that these chal­lenged users quick­ly recov­er the rest of the way with oxy­gen train­ing ses­sion.

Stress Immune Protection

Have you ever noticed that peo­ple usu­al­ly get seri­ous­ly ill about two months after a bad stress event?

It takes these two months for the com­bined loss of immune ener­gy, and “brownouts” to brew the com­bi­na­tion of bugs and weak­ened defens­es that enable seri­ous ill­ness.

So when you’re in stress, doesn’t oxy­gen serve as the best defense?

And if you’re ill, doesn’t it seem like oxy­gen was what prob­a­bly what went wrong in the first place, and the best place to start your recov­ery?

Fishbowl Power

Let’s imag­ine your body’s immune sys­ten as an army: with­out oxy­gen, they’re grunt sol­diers with only 1/19th max­i­mum pow­er.

Now imag­ine those same sol­diers swim­ming in body-water, sat­u­rat­ed with oxy­gen, so each sol­dier has up to 19 times more ener­gy, like a nin­ja.

Which army would you pre­fer?

The first army would be like mob grunts attack­ing an infec­tion and would prob­a­bly look like an autoim­mune disorder—fighting for­ev­er, but not suc­ceed­ing. It would take 19 sol­diers to do the same job that only one of those nin­jas could do.

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