Dr. Robert Rowen

Video 1: Oxygenation as Combustion vs. Rust

Do you know that oxi­da­tion is the fire that dri­ves your cells and pro­tects your body?

  1. Oxi­da­tion of is the source of meta­bol­ic ener­gy;
  2. White blood cells use free rad­i­cals to fight invaders;
  3. Did you know that Nitrous Oxide is a free rad­i­cal?
  4. Free rad­i­cals are essen­tial for health — that’s why ozone works.
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Video 2: Remember what you learned in medical school?

Ever won­der why cell res­pi­ra­tion is so impor­tant that it’s taught to every doc­tor before any­thing else — but almost nev­er con­sid­ered while treat­ing patients?

  1. How can any treat­ment of a poor­ly oxy­genat­ed patient ever be real­ly suc­cess­ful?
  2. Don’t assume the oxy­gen trans­port path­way to cell works — if it did, your patient prob­a­bly wouldn’t be sick
  3. The Arte­ri­ove­nous dif­fer­en­tial is a prime longevi­ty and health indi­ca­tor because it tells how well the body uses oxy­gen
  4. Oxy­gena­tion is always help­ful recov­er­ing from any dis­ease
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Video 3: Oxygenation in the context of patient care

  1. Why patient oxy­gena­tion is crit­i­cal
  2. Dif­fer­ences of LiveO2 and EWOT
  3. Dif­fer­ences of LiveO2 and HBOT
  4. Ben­e­fi­cial stress with Adap­tive Con­trast®
  5. Active vs. pas­sive oxy­gena­tion
  6. Re-oxy­gena­tion is pre­req­ui­site for any suc­cess­ful ther­a­py
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What is LiveO2 Anyway?

  1. The Pow­er of Oxy­gen Con­trast
  2. Like hyper­bar­ic, but much faster and cheap­er so patients can do it at home
  3. Health improve­ments usu­al­ly notice­able with­in 1 week
  4. Men gain about 50 watts aer­o­bic out­put, a 20 year roll­back in per­for­mance age
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Are your patients oxygenated?