Dr. Mariano Palacios

Dr. Mariano Palacios

Think Oxygen First

Oxy­gena­tion is the med­ical­ly appro­pri­ate first step in most treat­ments because tis­sue oxy­gena­tion is pre­req­ui­site for recov­ery from most con­di­tions.

Dr. Pala­cios com­pares his expe­ri­ence with LiveOper­for­mance to his 15 years of expe­ri­ence with med­ical hyper­bar­ic treat­ment. He dis­cuss­es equip­ment and admin­is­tra­tive cost, treat­ment times and gen­er­al­ized results with his patients.

Medicare Pol­i­cy restricts pay­ment for med­ical hyper­bar­ic ther­a­py to 15 severe indi­ca­tions because the cost, about $10,500 per patient, is pro­hib­i­tive for most con­di­tions.

Oxy­gena­tion is a pre­req­ui­site for heal­ing. Many stud­ies sup­port the com­mon sense view that tis­sue oxy­gena­tion is essen­tial in ischemic and immuno­log­i­cal con­di­tions. “Oxy­gena­tion is my first step in any treat­ment.”

Doc­tors need a fast and afford­able tool to oxy­genate patients.

LiveO2 compared to medical hyperbaric therapy

Before LiveO2, HBOT was the only choice and “…hyper­bar­ic is expen­sive and takes many ses­sions to work.”

LiveO2 uses the heart and lungs plus extra oxy­gen dur­ing exer­cise