Dr. Angelique Hart on LiveO2

Dr. Angelique Hart has been using LiveO2 in her clin­ic for four years with all of her patients. She pro­vides a brief sum­ma­ry of her clin­i­cal results with sev­er­al hun­dred patients.

The day before this video, she was strand­ed in an air­port for 24 sleep­less hours attemt­ping to get a stand­by flight. This expe­ri­ence cre­at­ed a per­fect stress-recov­ery demon­stra­tion for LiveO2.

Lis­ten as Angelique illus­trates per­son­al results of a 15-minute LiveO2 ses­sion with before and after per­for­mances of scales and Maria. Note the improve­ments in tone, artic­u­la­tion and vocal range.

Dr. Hart pro­vides com­pre­hen­sive and inten­sive heal­ing pro­grams please see http://holistichealing.care

Dr. Hart pro­vides com­pre­hen­sive heal­ing pro­grams at her clin­ic in New Mex­i­co. See http://holistichealing.care for more infor­ma­tion.