The Dangers of EWOT [Safety concerns of DIY systems]

Do It Yourself (DIY) EWOT may save you money, but it can also expose you to unhealthy chemicals used in plastics. A “do it yourself” approach can also thrust you into physiological changes your body may not be prepared to handle if you aren’t well-versed on EWOT training.

Here at LiveO2, we’ve had an increasing number of individuals pursue making a DIY reservoir out of truly any type of plastic material: shower curtain liners, mattress bag covers, fire retardant plastic sheeting, and the like.

Once the DIY reservoir is “complete”, most individuals proceed with oxygen training unaware that they have created a scenario many times more potentially harmful than beneficial.

Pursuing a DIY EWOT experience may be lighter on the wallet but there are some real dangers to your health:

  • Overwhelming detoxification pathways
  • Aggravating airways by breathing high levels of volatile organic compounds
  • Driving carcinogens deep into the tissues of your body
  • Training void of science or proper equipment

We’ve put together this article to explain those dangers and to help educate you on the best practices.

Your DIY Plastic Reservoir Is Contaminated

As mentioned above, we’ve seen it all when it comes to what plastic materials people will try to use to create their reservoir.

In our investigation we are going to use the most common choice: a typical shower curtain liner you can pick up at any home goods store.

Shower curtain liners are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride film – or as you may know it better: PVC plastic.

The danger here, as with many plastics, is the off gassing of volatile compounds. In this example, Vinyl Chloride, is off gassed from the material. Exposure to Vinyl Chloride gas is associated with an increased risk of liver, brain, and lung cancers, lymphoma, and leukemia.

Read more about the dangers of PVC found in plastic films and flexible hose that are often used in DIY breathing circuits here.

When is comes to Vinyl Chloride and catalysts used in the manufacture of plastic films and hoses you want to steer clear. The results can be disastrous. It is bad enough that these compounds are in our environment and allowed in products commonly found in our homes but at no time were they ever intended to safely hold breathing air.

Breathing from any type of inferior reservoir material or breathing circuit is dangerous because chances are you will be breathing a toxic soup of poisonous dioxins, phthalates, vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, lead, and cadmium, just to name a few. Please don’t do this to your body.

Apply Simple Logic

The goal of oxygen training is to open up the body for oxygenation. If you want the “bad stuff” out of your body, then you certainly don’t want to negate that process by opening the door to toxins!

As a rule of thumb you should not breath from a reservoir or breathing circuit if you can smell a chemical odor.

DIY EWOT Workouts are prone to Backfiring

Here at LiveO2, we’re huge fans and proponents of the participatory health movement. LiveO2 has been on the scene for quite a while. We even have an O2 Hero or two!

We’re all-in for individuals taking control of your own health especially before needing Western medicine and prescriptions!

However, We don’t recommend jumping into any “EWOT” workouts ignoramus-style – especially if you’re detox pathways are unprepared. Your body is smart but it is important for users to understand what usage guides are designed to do. Our goal is to gradually introduce your body to super-oxygenation step-by-step.

One 15-minute LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ session can begin detoxifying your body, quickly. Depending on your current physiological state, this detox can be quite a shock if you’re not expecting it. If you jump to a high-level application on Day 1, you’re in danger of over-exerting yourself and paying the price over the next few days. We teach practitioners and customers how to safely go about this.

Our original analogy compares this process to plumbing: oxygenating your blood plasma can begin to “unclog your pipes”. It is still valid today and science backed.

You should always consult a medical professional prior to engaging in a new exercise program.

Why LiveO2?

  • Quality of materials
  • Thorough testing
  • Training and support
  • Product warranty
  • We care about what you put into your body

We created it

Outside of the amazing benefits you’ll receive from a LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ session, our product truly is engineered to safely allow the best in training experiences for many years. LiveO2 is the inventor and innovator of Adaptive Contrast.

We stand behind our product

LiveO2 products are made with materials we’ve tested to be virtually free of volatile chemicals. In many cases this has come down to being better than comparable industry standards and choosing superior materials.

“Generally recognized as safe” is not always an acceptable choice. Testing to “no detectable levels“ does not mean testing to the detectable limits for hazardous chemicals.

Choosing materials carefully and testing have become our method to assure the start of a great experience for even the most sensitive of individuals. Our LiveO2 systems come with a three year warranty on the reservoir and the air separator just in case you need it.

We’re great at what we do

All of our products come with support. When you purchase a LiveO2 product, you’re also guaranteed initial training on how to correctly use your system and training on the usage guide(s) that interests you.

We make sure every user is set up with initial training so you can head confidently into a LiveO2 workout and, more importantly, set the correct goals for yourself.

If we don’t feel LiveO2 is appropriate for you we won’t push you to buy a system. We can’t answer your medical questions, but we will introduce you to a doctor that can.

Two times a year we hold a hands-on regional training day. If you own a LiveO2 system you are invited to spend the day with us learning the basics and fundamentals that drive our research. If you are on the fence about purchasing a LiveO2 system you are invited to attend also.

With a LiveO2 team’s guidance, we’ll set you up with the best guidance to help you establish short and long-term health goals with your training.

We are here to help

We want you to be safe and successful, and we’ve found that good science, guidance and training is the best way to achieve both! Finding a better way is our mission. We carry this into our service contracts helping the armed forces recover veterans from PTSD, developing LiveO2 Studio programs for senior communities, and assuring athletes of all ages have a recovery plan.

We care

If you’re still really set on doing DIY EWOT, we will offer our Standard LiveO2 Reservoir (only) for a special “keep you safe” price. Click below to connect with a LiveO2 team member and get this offer.

We’re committed to spreading the benefit of oxygen for your health, so as long as you’re engaging in a responsible way, we are here to support your efforts with a safe and non-toxic reservoir. One per household, please!

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