Losing Rx dependency and Dual Adaptive Contrast™: Billy Wease of Optiyou RX [Podcast]

Billy had a wakeup call when his grandmother’s doctor told him there was nothing else they could do to treat her cancer outside of standard of care (chemo and radiation). The simple truth is doctors are limited to treatments within the scope of standard of care.

No options?

Nothing else?

He simply didn’t believe this was true and set out to become a pharmacist in order to prove it.

Fast-forward to today: Billy, a licensed pharmacist, runs wellness workshops to educate people how to get rid of their dependencies on prescription drugs.

Also an avid crossfitter, Billy owns a crossfit gym and is looking to incorporate his AC Dual system into his clients’ workouts.

In this podcast episode, Billy sheds some light on the reality of prescription drug use and how he’s felt after his recent purchase and use of his AC Dual system.

You’ll also learn:

  • How you can “become the CEO of your own health” (no matter what health challenges you’re facing)
  • The average number of RX drugs that people are actually on
  • The average number of side effects prescription drugs have (your jaw will drop)
  • Why Billy decided he needed the Dual system for himself, his family and his program
  • And lots more!

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Show notes:

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