Anti-Aging: As We Get Older Our Oxygen Slowly “Turns Off” (Podcast)

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Recently our VP, Tom Butler, was a guest on the United Intentions Foundation podcast in preparation for the upcoming ACIM conference November 2-4 in Orlando, FL where Tom will present with Dr. Angelique Hart on the health benefits of exercise with oxygen.

In this approximate 50-minute episode, Tom gets into the science behind oxygenation and how it can prevent and treat chronic disease.

Here’s a short description from the host:

“Energetic injury from vascular inflammation damages energy production processes but does not damage tissue structure. In the absence of tissue damage, energetic injury remains unrecognized in the body and does not provoke a healing response. Absent healing, energetic injury accumulates to be the dominant cause of degenerative and chronic disease, and loss of vitality. This presentation refactors stress into physical, immunological, hormonal, and toxicological challenges that undermine cellular respiration as progressive hypoxia to eventual loss of cellular energy production and systemic vitality. We all understand injury as tissue damage. Injury has dual character as damage to the physical structure and loss of energy production. Normal healing simultaneously repairs tissue structure and energy production. This repair occurs naturally because energetic repair occurs as part of the physical repair. Chronic disease depends on loss of energy production so restoration of energy production is the cornerstone of disease prevention and recovery.”

Click below to listen to the full episode:

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