Tips for Starting Your Own LiveO2 Studio or Site [podcast]

LiveO2 Director of Customer Success, Annette Young, met our founder and CEO in a hot tub.

After that moment, the LiveO2 studio model was born!

Annette launched the very first LiveO2 studio and in this podcast episode, we’re interviewing her to learn:

  • What Annette and Mark discovered in a hot tub in Florida
  • How the first ever LiveO2 studio was staffed and ran 1,190 demos in one month!
  • Finding a successful approach to training others
  • Why music could be a crucial component of your studio/site
  • What the primary driver is for our most successful LiveO2 sites (…and how to apply to become one!)
  • What Annette’s personal prescription for health is.

Check out the full episode here:

Links mentioned in this episode

First, here’s the music Annette references that she used in her “attitude-free” zone:

Secondly, here is a video our CEO and founder, Mark Squibb, put together using a “plumbing comparison” to illustrate how Oxygen Multi-step Training works:

Want to brainstorm with Annette?

If you’re considering becoming a LiveO2 site or studio, but want to first run your ideas by someone who has done this before, reach out directly to Annette at +1 970 658 2790.

Or you can click here to view the Site Application.

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