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Affiliate and Marketing Partners

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Affiliate with LiveO2®!

To see if you qualify to take the next step, please email us at and let us know you are interested. We will start the process by sending a brief survey to complete and submit. This survey will help us to best determine the relationship potential and how to structure a successful and strategic marketing partnership for an ultimate win:win, with qualifying candidates.

At LiveO2, we generally work with affiliates/marketing partners who have an established market to promote LiveO2 products to, most often with a sales channel already in place. Most of our affiliates/marketing partners have an expertise, an existing website and an established audience/community, all of which are ideally a natural fit with LiveO2 product line. We invite you to take our survey and will be in touch with you after we have had a chance to review your responses.

LiveO2 generally works with two types of marketing partners:


For those who qualify as an Affiliate, we offer basic referral commissions when someone purchases a system and references the affiliate as their initial contact. This is accomplished in one of three ways:

    1. The customer enters a unique discount code generated by LiveO2 which is linked to the affiliate.
    2. The customer identifies affiliate as a referring agent at checkout when ordering from our store.
    3. Affiliate posts a product link on their existing website. When customers enter the LiveO2 store through the affiliate’s link and place an order, the affiliate will be credited due commissions.

Referral Partners

If you are interested in sending individuals to us directly, you can use our referral form and get credit for each individual who purchases a system. Anyone can refer a friend or colleague using the form here.