Hypoxia and Vulnerability


Two great Ger­man sci­en­tists, Otto War­burg and Man­fred von Ardenne, dis­cov­ered the med­ical­ly hid­den process that trans­forms a healthy body into a can­cer host. This knowl­edge enabled them to enhance the nat­ur­al oxy­gena­tion process that pro­tects our bod­ies from from can­cer.


Otto War­burg

War­burg said cells become can­cer­ous when they lose their abil­i­ty to breathe. He won a Nobel prize in in 1931.

…the prime cause of can­cer is the replace­ment of the res­pi­ra­tion of oxy­gen in nor­mal body cells by a fer­men­ta­tion of sug­ar.”

Lat­er, one of his stu­dents, Man­fred von Ardenne, fig­ured out why Warburg’s can­cer cells couldn’t breathe.

Manfred von Ardenne

Man­fred von Ardenne

He dis­cov­ered that the pipes that deliv­ered blood to can­cer areas were swollen inside and that low oxy­gen caused a cel­lu­lar brownout.

This swelling pre­vents red blood cells from deliv­er­ing oxy­gen and blocks white blood cells from pro­tect­ing the tis­sue from infec­tion. video

The holes left open by swelling allow sug­ar as blood plas­ma and tiny infec­tious seeds to pass through.

This cre­ates a sweet spot for dis­ease where infec­tious seed is free to ger­mi­nate in a sug­ar rich area hid­den from the immune sys­tem.

Can­cer devel­ops when an infec­tious seeds invades body cell weak­ened by lack of oxy­gen to make it malig­nant. A metas­ta­sis grows when a can­cer seed from anoth­er tumor takes root in a sweet spot.

These sweet spots are the incu­ba­tors where can­cer starts and lat­er spreads.

Ardenne dis­cov­ered how to open the swollen pipes and get rid of sweet spots by trick­ing the body into squirt­ing super-oxy­genat­ed plas­ma through the lit­tle holes to open them right up.

He also fig­ured out how to use oxy­gen to invig­o­rate the immune sys­tem increas­ing white blood count by 18% with­in an hour.

So if you or some­one you love has, or wants to avoid, can­cer, the very first and most impor­tant thing to do is oxy­genate because oxy­gena­tion eras­es dis­ease sweet spots and keeps your immune sys­tem work­ing at its peak.

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