Upgrade My EWOT

  • Easily upgrade your existing EWOT to LiveO2 in minutes
  • Tutorial video shows you how
  • Even a 5 LPM concentrator works for Super EWOT
  • ~2 hour fill time @ 5 LPM

LiveO2 delivers as much oxygen as you can breathe. It's much more than a simple medical mask. LiveO2 users sense change in about 3 minutes - and get real results in 15 minutes.

EWOT Machine
This a standard EWOT mask.
Who wants to exercise for 36 hours to feel EWOT results?

LiveO2 is the Ultimate EWOT Machine

If you're just learning about EWOT and oxygen training or oxygen therapy, this next video explains why LiveO2 blows away all other systems.

Crash Course
2-1/2 minutes

  • Why does oxygen make exercise work better?
  • What is Blood Plasma Saturation and why does it matter?
  • Why does LiveO2 work better than hyperbaric?
  • Why does LiveO2 work better than EWOT?
Discover answers that will change your life.

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There are four oxygen technologies that deliver different levels of oxygen to your body. Here's how they compare:

LPM Speed Price
EWOT 5-10 36Hr $1000
LiveO2 50+ 15 Min Click
LiveO2 AC 50++ <15 Min Click
HBOT ~20 20-60Hr $10,000
  • LPM stands for Liters Per Minute — it tells how much oxygen these systems deliver to your body.
  • Speed indicates how long it takes for the oxygen therapy to make a real difference in how your body works. Note how LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC create results in minutes while other technologies take hours.
  • Price is the typical purchase cost of high quality systems from reputable suppliers.

There is a big range of cost versus performance. If you're confused we'll answer your questions in person: 970 372 4344.

LiveO2 and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast® deliver overwhelmingly more oxygen than either EWOT or HBOT. LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC work faster and better than EWOT and HBOT because they achieve higher oxygen concentrations. More oxygen lets your body heal more and recover faster.

We know you will want to try it for yourself so contact us to arrange a demo. Feeling is believing. If you already have an EWOT, upgrade it to LiveO2 now.

LiveO2 is super-EWOT. EWOT systems take 36 hours to do the same thing that LiveO2 does in 15 minutes. It's all about how much oxygen you install in your body's water.

If you think LiveO2-AC is just for athletes, check out this video...

Listen to how much Fred's guitar playing improved in just 15 minutes...

Glen Templeton has an emerging country band. Check out how much his voice improved after 15 minutes of LiveO2-AC...

If you're just thinking about getting in shape, LiveO2-AC speeds up training. Tom gained 13.4% VO2 max in his first week of training. This normally takes several months.

Here is his follow-up after 5 weeks, now at a 17% increase in VO2 max.

LiveO2-AC works fast! Most of our pro-users feel the change in their body immediately. Check out Laurent Robinson (The Superstar Receiver for Dallas) after we worked with him mid-season...